We get a lot of lottery players asking about the Formula 1 Lotto System by Glen Hooke and if this lottery software system is Good or Bad to use, for winning the lottery. Let’s start off by looking at the place this system is sold through, which is ClickBank. ClickBank is a place that marketers sell their products through, that allow affiliates to also sell them for commission. This is ok for some products, but is a bad sign for lottery system products such as the Formula 1 Lotto System.

Lottery systems that have affiliates selling them, are full of fake reviews written by the affiliates themselves to grab sales commissions. This sort of marketing gimmick also suggests the lottery system is a fake, as real winning lottery systems need No Affiliates to sell them, as they win real lottery games and are not money making gimmicks. Do you actually believe almost all lottery systems are developed by real mathematics professors, or MIT Professors as Glen Hooke and the Formula 1 Lotto System? There are very few real lottery systems and I’m sorry to say the Formula 1 Lotto Software System is not one of them. The Formula 1 Lotto system was NOT developed by any Professor Glen Hooke that is just made up, in fact, the system was actually just put together by a shady marketer, then adding a bunch of false advertising to grab sales.

We actually tested out this Formula 1 Lotto Software System as many others have also done and our test results were the same, NO WINNERS! As a matter of fact, the system is no different than many other useless lottery software system found free online, it’s just a poor very hyped-up very common system. Look at the reviews for this system on reputable lottery system review sites to see what real users reported. Never go to review sites that sell lottery systems as the reviews will all be fake.

I know some of you have asked if the 60 Day Guaranteed Refund is honored if you purchase the Formula 1 Lotto System and the answer is NO! Out of 30 people we talked to that requested a full refund for the system, only 2 were given a refund. Why in the world would you think a reputable lottery system would give you a refund, it is a gambling product. If a 60 Day Refund is stated for a system, every person would get it, the system would simply not sell. So if a systems states Guaranteed 60 Day Refund, it is generally a trick!

We wanted to prove that the Formula 1 Lotto System was a fake winning system and that the seller Mr. Glen Hooke the 63 year old MIT Math Professor who has spent 27 years developing and testing the system, was in fact a total lie! The system wins no lottery games, there are No Real Winners who used this system. Glen Hooke Math Professor is a fake, not a real person, all testimonial were investigated and found to be fakes and so on. This is the real truth about the Formula 1 Lotto System!

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Here is our real none affiliate review of the Lotto Variant System, so you will know what to expect from using this lottery system. Always do your homework or check in with us to see what each lottery system is all about before laying down your hard earned cash.

The Lotto Variant system a system claimed to be developed by a 34-year-old average Joe, who by accident discovered a dirty little secret on how to win lotteries. This new found lotto secret supposedly set The Big Lotteries On Fire and this Dirty Secret has Sky Rocket His lottery winning Odds Almost Over Night. This is the selling scenario of the Lotto Variant System. Seriously, how many lottery systems out there state they have found a secret way to actually win the lottery? The truth is more than a few of these types of systems were found to be fakes. It seems that all silly fake hyped-up systems sold by shady marketers do this kind of nonsense. We investigated the Lotto Variant system and found out this system is yet another one of those nonsense systems, full of false advertising, fake photos and so on!

The Real Truth! Is the Lotto Variant system is owned and sold by a shady marketer through ClickBank and has absolutely nothing real about it. The Lotto Variant System is virtually useless as many other misleading lottery systems are at winning any lottery game. Most of these types of lottery systems are hot and cold numbers type systems which today are useless, so do not think they are going to work as them claim. We will point you in the right direction to systems that are worth using.

The Lotto Variant System has been tested by many people and here are the results of a survey of the opinions REAL users had to say about this lottery system.

■64% said it was a useless very common type lotto system that did not work as advertised.
■21% said it was a total waste of $67.00 (price has dropped even lower now)
■10% said they needed more time to test out the system to make a fair vote
■4% said seems OK, but definitely not worth $67.00
■1% said the system works ok
So really if you take the 64% and the 21% who basically voted it as useless, you a total of 85% that would tell you to not use this system. This is a very high percentage and we agree it is a waste of time and money.

What we are noticing lately are bad marketers selling new lottery systems almost on a monthly basis. These systems are just old common useless lottery systems changed a little and then re-named using a hyped-up scenario to secure your interest and sale. The economy is in poor shape and greedy marketers are trying to sell their useless fake products anyway they can, you have now been warned!

We highly recommend you do not buy lottery systems if sold through ClickBank. If looking for good reputable systems You can check this great lottery system review site to find legit real lottery systems to use. What lottery systems do we like and recommend? We like the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these very highly recommended systems are what many people are reporting getting excellent winning results using, for Pick 5 lotto and Pick 6 lotto games the world over. We have verified that these two systems are not sold by marketers or through clickbank so affiliates can sell them, they are in fact the real deal!

Other lottery systems that have been reported as good or ok systems are the gold Pyramid system. The Sellers website is now gone, but some systems still may be around if you are lucky, you may find one.

To re-cap the Lotto Variant System will work to win the lottery, it is a money making gimmick. The many so-called good reviews on the Lotto Variant System are in fact fakes, all written by affiliates selling the system for commission. Use a real lotto system and you will have much better winning success!

Lotto logic
Silver Lotto System Review Real Truth Exposed!

If you are like myself and routinely play the lottery weekly, you are the lottery player that should be using guaranteed winning strategies to win the lotto. Yes, you might be playing the lotto weekly, but are you playing the lotto correctly, to increase your chances to win lotto. Do you know to get real almost guaranteed winning lottery tickets frequently, you need to use a proven effective lottery system to effectively win. This is the ONLY real gambling tool or proven strategy that can do this, there is nothing else. The only concern is about 90% of all lottery systems on the market are developed and then sold by shady marketers, who just hype-up a virtually useless system and add fake testimonial to sell it. These are the kinds of system you must avoid, they are only gimmicks to make fast cash, they will not win any lottery games.

If you look at he links at the top of page, you will see the lottery systems we highly recommend using as they have been proven and verified real winning systems. Lottery systems are a big business full of the usual misleading lottery programs only designed to make the seller money and the affiliates selling it a commission, but for winning the lottery, these bogus systems are a complete waste of time and money. Most lottery players eventually switch from playing the lotto using quick picks or random lotto numbers to a real system, as they learn from the real lottery winners and what they are using to win lotto jackpots with.

Never use a lottery system that affiliates can sell, as all reviews will be false just to make the system look like a winning system, but in reality it is useless. If a system is sold through places such as ClickBank, it has affiliates selling it. The two lotto systems we recommend (links at top of page) using have NO Affiliates selling them, these are real lottery systems that have won lottery jackpots. We have verified these two systems as having won Australian Lottery games as TattsLotto, OZ Lotto, Monday Night Lotto, also winning many U.S lottery games as California Lottery (Superlotto Plus) Virginia Lottery, Lotto Texas, Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, Mega Millions, Georgia Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Iowa Lottery, Kansas Lottery, PA Lottery, also UK Lotto games, Canadian Lottery games as Lotto Max and Lotto 649. There are many more lotto games won by these systems, but you see what I mean.

We suggest going to a reputable lottery system review site and see what others are saying on all lotto systems, to see if they work or do not work, then use the ones that are winning lotteries for the users. Some review sites are just covers for marketers selling systems, these two review sites sell nothing and are the trusted source Lotto Systems Review and Lottery Systems Review Group.

We all want good winning lotto results, but just like anything else you must learn the correct way to play by using a proven lotto system, this will ensure almost guaranteed winning success. Will you win the first lotto draw? most likely not, you must stick with your system/strategy as it takes a little bit of time usually to start hitting winning lottery numbers combinations routinely, this is how to win the lottery.

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The latest update for lottery news and lottery systems is about Smart Play Lotto Wheels a realistic winning lotto system. Smart Play Lotto Wheels has excellent user reviews and is being praised as the most effective winning lottery wheeling system in the world! You certainly do not get great reviews unless the system gives outstanding results for Pick 5 lotto and Pick 6 lotto games worldwide. I want to point out there are No Affiliates selling this system so all reviews are for real! We have now verified many reviews of users of the Smart Play system winning Australian Lottery games as TattsLotto, Australian Powerball, Monday Night Lotto (except OZ Lotto). Lottery winners from UK Lotto games, Canadian Lottery games as Lotto 649, U.S Lottery games as Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, California Lottery, Mega Millions, Powerball, Virginia Lottery plus many others. Even lottery winners from South African Lottery games and so on world-wide. This very highly rated wheeling lottery system is most definitely winning the lottery for many people who use it on a regular basis.

In our constant research, Smart Play Lotto Wheels has been found to have the very best Lottery Wheels you can get. These lottery wheels have been designed correctly by real experts. They even put the wheels into categories for you such as Budget, Conservative, and the big Max Play wheels to cover all lottery players budget level at any given time. These lottery wheels have been Tested and Proven for winning results and all wheels have won lotteries, no junk wheels here, just a solid winning system!

We rate Smart Play Lotto Wheels a 5 out of 5 as we cannot find any bad reviews or reports, only good reviews by actual real winners and users. Also all reputable review sites give this system two thumbs up! You could not get more solid proof of a reputable legit winning wheeling system. Here is their main website if you are interested Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Smart Play seems to be the go to system if you want a real winning lotto program that is very easy to use and simply effective! In fact, wheeling your lotto numbers is one of the SMARTEST ways to play the lotto and win the lotto!

It is very hard to find good lottery systems, as there are so many out there that simply do very little to help you to win the lottery. Note, free lottery wheels are not good winning wheels, they are free for a reason. Simply Use the best highest rated highest recommended wheeling system in the world as Smart Play Lotto Wheels and you will not go wrong!

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Effective System

Smart Play Proven Winning Lotto Wheels








We would like to inform people that the Lotto Guy Lottery System is a real winning lotto system, Not A Scam! This system is the real deal and actually won the 2012 best winning lottery system in the world poll out of 15 other lesser systems as Lotto Black Book, Lottery Circle System, Lottery Dominator system, Formula 1 Lotto System, Silver Lotto System, Beat The Lotto, Lottery Audit System, Lottery Method System, plus others, so you see it’s a serious lottery system un-like most sold today that make outrageous claims, but never deliver real winning results.

The truth is most lottery systems are put together by marketers, so how can these fake type systems win you any lotteries? They cannot! They simply use false advertising and fake testimonials to grab sales. The worst part is they use affiliates to sell the useless system and affiliates do in fact write fake dishonest reviews to lure you in, so now you know the hidden truth why so many lottery systems get a bad reputation. Now on the other side of the coin, we have the Lotto Guy Lottery system and a few other lottery systems that are NOT put together by marketers, but by real techs with access to real software and equipment to analyze real data and number patterns. This is why these types of systems are winning lotto games around the world as Florida Lotto, Georgia Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Super Toto Lotto, Australian TattsLotto 6/45, UK Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Texas Lotto, California SuperLotto, Oklahoma Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Illinois Lottery, PA Lottery, Virginia Lottery, plus many others.

To further verify if a lottery system is good or bad, you should be checking reputable review sites to see what others are reporting on the top systems. You can check these reputable sites Lotto System Reviews , Lottery Systems Review Group, as these sites have no affiliates selling anything, so all reviews are real!

2012 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

2012-2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results


Above is the final results from the 2012-2013 Best Winning Lottery System poll. You can see the winner was the Lotto Guy Lottery System by far taking 83% of the winning votes, placing it as the worlds best lottery system ever! We feel every person playing the lottery (Pick 5, Pick 6, Pick 7) should be using this winning system. Not: There are many marketers using this reputable systems name to get you to their websites stating Lotto Guy Lottery System Free DownLoad! This is not a free download of the real system and in most cases is just giving you a trojan or computer virus. Always go to their main site as in the links we supply you, then you are safe.

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Our investigation or review into the Lottery Payload system turned up some very sad details, that we must share with you! This lottery software system makes big claims to win the lottery more frequently, which sounds reasonable, but it simply does not work as advertised. The Lotto Payload system has in fact been tested by quite a few people and the results were all similar, NO WINS! We are not to surprised at this as most of the lottery software systems like Lotto Payload System do not work as claimed, they use false advertising to make them sound much better than they really are.

Yes you will see many so-called good reviews on the software system, but when checked out more thoroughly they were all just affiliates or the sellers of this software system themselves writing fake reviews. Fake lottery system reviews are wide-spread and growing daily, so you must learn the truth from reputable sources as ourselves and top lottery system review sites. The real lottery systems that win real lottery games world-wide do not have affiliates selling them, why you ask? If a system actually wins lottery games, you would not need affiliates to sell it, as it win real money. This selling lotto systems by affiliates, is just a gimmick to make fast cash from suckers who fall for the false advertising and never believe the 60 day full refund, that rarely is honored as we have seen many times over.

There was a 2012 best winning lottery system poll held and people voted on the systems that actually won them lottery draws. This was out of 15 top systems that all claimed will win the lottery for you! The winner of this lottery system poll was the Lotto Guy Lottery System taking a whopping 83% of the votes to crown it as king of the lottery systems. We have seen many reviews on this lotto guy system and many reviews on the Lotto Payload System. The reviews for Lotto Payload were fake and the reviews for the Lotto Guy System were all real! Even the top lotto system review sites give the Lotto Guy System two thumbs up, but the Lotto Payload system gets two thumbs down!

There you have the real truth! The Lotto Payload lottery system is no better than using regular quick pick lottery tickets or random lottery number, save your money for the real winning systems and win like a pro!

Smart Play Proven Winning Lotto Wheels

Smart Play Lotto Wheels